Black Poland

(Reihe: Schwar­ze Eu­ro­pä­er_in­nen/Black Eu­ropeans)

Book Launch „Strangers at the Gate – Black Poland“ by James Omolo

The history of People of African Descent (PAD) is a complex story in itself and lies at the centre of the history of humanity. The tale of modernity cannot be fairly told without full attention to the African continent and People of African Descent.

This book recounts the existence of People of African Descent in Poland, their journey from Africa to Poland and their experience in the country.

“Strangers at the Gate“ sets a discourse around People of African Descent in Poland with a focus on their everyday experiences in different spheres of their life. Since this is a story of overlapping and connected lives, the book is intended for general readership, especially from those who are interested in the advancement of the modern Poland as experienced by Africans and People of African Descent. I hope the book will open new vistas about the breadth and connections in the past, and the realities that sometimes some of us (PAD) are afraid to walk on the streets at night for fear of being attacked, the presence of structural racism and discrimination especially in labour, housing and health sectors.

James Omolo studied in Kenya, India and Poland. He is the founder of „Africa Connect“ Foundation, a radio host at imiradio and an activist on Human Rights related issues affecting People of African Descent. He also lectured at the University of Social Sciences and Humanities (SWPS), Centre for Postgraduate Studies and Training on ‘Africa Business and Beyond’. He has also contributed to publications in local academic journals.

[Sources: The video was made by afrobizgermany Berlin and was released on May 8, 2017. The text was taken from an annoucement of a reading in July 2017 published on the plattform of Black Lives Matter Berlin.]

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